Timberline Doors

Timberline folding doors features include strong 12 mm thick panels, Wheeled Trolleys for smooth operation, all Timberline Doors come with a positive latch and a automatic hold open system.

All backed with 12-month manufactures warranty and are proudly Australian owned.

Our Timberline folding doors are all made to measure: Up to 3 meters in height and up to almost any width Panels are 110 mm wide for doors up to 2.1 high and 170 mm for taller doors.

All window door panels are 170 mm wide.
Lotus Timberline folding doors come in a great range of finishes including luxury laminates (in Pastels and Timber Vaneer look) Window door (White only) and ready to paint panels are also another option.

All Lotus Timberline folding doors have a clean modern look and feature colour co-ordinated hinges and Aluminium track covers.