Want to Buy Bi Fold Doors? Get It Online!

Want to Buy Bi Fold Doors? Get It Online!

Online purchase is trending globally – be it home owners, teenagers or older adults, everybody searches for affordable products online for an easy purchase. Like every other small and large things available online, you can even buy folding doors for your home in Gold Coast on the Internet. Surprised? Don’t be! There are various manufacturing companies in and around Brisbane that offer products and services on their online stores.

We have come up with some essential information about folding doors in Brisbane on how they can give you an overall transformed experience in your home without any barriers.

Bi-fold doors are today a significantly popular product designed with a concept that is now around for long. It has been into trend since the Roman and Greek Era as they used folding doors that are fore runners of our present day bi fold doors. Upgraded from its traditional versions, modern bi fold doors come with great features and are developed with an aim to maximise the glass area and possess the ability to open up the whole room back the glazed wall whenever the owner feels like.

The traditional concept has been added on with some expansive features like:

  • Slimmer frames pleasing aesthetics
  • Double or triple glass glazing offering improved thermal values
  • Addition of thermal breaks to the frames enhancing “U” values
  • Sophisticated and smooth operating system that glide perfectly and are easily dragged back to position
  • Lower thresholds preventing water ingress
  • Available in bright colours as the grey and white bi-fold doors are thing of the past. Today, the powder coating is added with several colours to match your interior colours.
  • Price is the biggest expansion in the last few years. With the increased popularity of bi fold internal doors in Gold Coast and other surrounding areas and the competition at the peak, folding doors are now available at cheaper prices, affordable by all.

The above mentioned modifications are standard to all kind of modern doors but the question is what sets them apart from each other. It is the types of materials used by the manufacturer, their size and the colour customised by the buyer.

Features to look for
When purchasing bi fold doors online, keep in mind to look for some specific features along with the standard ones:

Precision manufacturing –Go for a set of doors with the all new concept of slim line aluminium profiles and cutting edge design technology with the UPVC base which on combining gives a first class quality, clean finish to the frames and doors.

Personal configuration – We, at Folding Doors Solutions allow customers to have customised folding doors as per their needs and desires. So, being our valuable customer, you get the opportunity to talk to our door designer in person, explaining the team your desired door configurations. They will ensure that it fits the designated opening size.

Colours – We can provide you a wide range of colours for bi fold doors based on your interior style. If you want, you can even get dual colour for the chosen types of folding doors.

If you are a technical freak, we have some more suitable information for you:

To ensure you receive the best product with maintained structural integrity of every component, the door and frame is designed using mechanically jointed double strength sash corners with a blend of a wraparound corner moulding block and internal cleats for higher robustness and rigidity. Our constructions ensure solid fixings for all handles, locks, hinges, rollers and shoot bolts.

Some more about our bi-fold internal doors:

  • Each and every screw fixings are perfectly engineered screws designed to keep the aluminium frames secure, guaranteeing a strong fix every time.
  • Seamless gaskets are settled in grooves running through the whole construction. This makes the base for regular weather seals.
  • Double and triple glazing of the glass used for construction is in our standard custom options list. It ensures higher protection against wetness, winds and burglars.
  • High-quality, stylish handles and secure locking system (multi-locking system) adds to the final aesthetic feel.

Finally, to confirm the security and strength of the manufactured sets of bi fold doors, the samples are sent for independent third party testing which enables us to use the certified accreditations assuring you with the best design and compatibility of the product.

Each product manufactured at Folding Doors Solutions carries the certification of “Five Star” security guarantee for more than ten years. We not only manufacture folding doors but also offer regular repair and maintenance services to our customers. If ever you feel the need of maintenance\check or repairs, reach us for immediate assistance.

Purchase products from us online and have a hassle free purchase and transaction. We ensure on-time delivery, mainly in and around our service areas like Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, West Brisbane and many other suburbs of Brisbane.

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